If you have a good voice, sound musicality and a quick ear, and want to sing with a friendly and dynamic choir, then try Hertfordshire Chorus.

You are welcome to attend a couple of our regular rehearsals, followed by an in-person audition with our Music Director, David Temple, and accompanist Rufus Frowde.

Who can audition?

We are always looking for good new singers to join us, so anyone can audition. We are committed to growing in strength through diversity and inclusivity and we give a warm welcome to everyone who passes the audition.

Get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you. The audition will take about 10 minutes and will be held prior to the start of the rehearsal, with just you, David Temple and Rufus Frowde, our accompanist, in the room.

We are looking for strong pleasant voices, the ability to sing in tune, and a range of about two octaves. Sight reading is not part of the audition procedure.  If you pass the audition, you will need to learn how to read music if you are not already a confident music reader. Previous experience singing in a choir may help you to know what is expected, but is not essential to pass the audition.

If you would would like to attend rehearsals before auditioning, please contact us at


The audition

You will be asked to sing the tune of one or two verses of a piece you have prepared in advance. You will need to download and choose from one of the following:

Once in Royal David’s City (carol)
Jerusalem (hymn)
The Ash Grove (folk song)

You will also need to sing your voice part in Cum Sancto Spiritu from Vivaldi’s Gloria.

Vivaldi Gloria (Cum Sancto Spiritu)

Both pieces you sing will be accompanied.

David will also check your vocal range and listening skills by asking you to sing a few scales and repeat some short musical phrases. In a short informal chat, David will ask you about your vocal experience and you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the choir.

Before your audition

Practice your piece and your voice part in Cum Sancto Spiritu until you are able to sing it confidently and without stopping.

You might find it helpful to sing along to a piano accompaniment such as this one on YouTube:

Warm up  your voice before your voice test, and please remember that you will be assessed on this audition, so if you are not feeling well it is better to postpone the audition rather than soldier on.

You will have a week or two to prepare the music before your voice test, during which time you are welcome to attend our normal Wednesday rehearsals.   

There is no sight-reading test during the audition.  However you will be expected to read music well enough to learn your part of the Vivaldi.  

Audition results

You will be notified of the result of your audition within 24 hours. If you are successful, you’ll be formally welcomed into the choir as a member.

Good luck, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Hertfordshire Chorus New Members