Hertfordshire Chorus Health and Safety policy

Introduction and scope 

Hertfordshire Chorus is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for all those involved in the musical activities it organises. 

  • This includes but is not limited to; members, staff (including freelance), volunteers and members of the public.
  • This includes but is not limited to; rehearsals, concerts and fundraising events. 


  • Overall responsibility for health and safety sits with the Hertfordshire Chorus Council.
  • Practical responsibility for health and safety at concerts sits with Concert Manager
  • Practical responsibility for health and safety at rehearsals with the Rehearsal Health and Safety manager and other events will have a member of the organising group assigned as Health and Safety co-ordinator.

 Statements of general policy

  1. Hertfordshire Chorus will seek to prevent accidents and cases of ill-health by managing the health and safety at events and activities it organises. 

Actions to be taken: relevant risk assessments to be completed for events and activities. Where regular venues are used the risk assessment will be reviewed on an annual basis or sooner if required. 

  1. Hertfordshire Chorus will provide clear instructions and information to ensure that members, professionals and volunteers are competent to work or to participate without putting themselves or others in danger.

Actions to be taken: tasks performed by members, staff and volunteers to be risk-assessed and appropriate instruction to be provided (e.g. preparing and serving hot drinks, erecting staging). 

  1. Hertfordshire Chorus will engage and consult with members, staff and volunteers on health and safety conditions.

Actions to be taken: members, staff and volunteers to be briefed on health and safety risk assessments for new venues/activities and updated on any changes in risk assessment for regular venues/activities. Establish clear lines of communication for members, staff and volunteers to raise health and safety concerns. 

  1. Hertfordshire Chorus will implement emergency procedures for evacuation in case of fire or other significant incident.

Actions to be taken: ensure at least one individual is responsible for knowing fire procedures for rehearsal and hired venues and for communicating them to those present. 

  1. Hertfordshire Chorus will maintain safe and healthy conditions, provide and maintain plant, equipment and machinery, and ensure safe storage/use of substances.

Actions to be taken: ensure satisfactory health and safety conditions at hired venues and for hired equipment. Ensure that any equipment owned by Hertfordshire Chorus will be stored safely. 

First Aid

  • Through the concert manager, Hertfordshire Chorus will ensure they are aware of First Aid procedures, kits and equipment at hired venues. 
  • Two members with medical expertise or first-aid training will be designated as first-aiders and trained if necessary

Sound safety 

Hertfordshire Chorus takes the responsibility of protecting the hearing of members, staff, volunteers and audience members seriously. We will: 

  • Ensure there are open lines of communication for individuals to raise concerns about hearing 
  • Take concerns seriously; Concert Manager and Music Director will work with the individuals to find ways to minimise risk. 
  • Take into account the protection of our audience’s hearing when designing stage and audience layout for concerts. 


This policy should be reviewed annually.

Date Policy reviewed: 20 June 2023

Date of next review: March 2024

Clare McConnell