Hertfordshire Chorus Shared Calendar – Guide

Our shared calendar is on Google. You can add it to the calendar app on your phones (Apple or Android) or the calendar on your computer browser or just view it on a browser.

Method 1: View the Calendar on a Browser

The simplest way to view the information is to just use any Internet Browser, whether on a computer, tablet or phone, and navigate to bit.ly/hertschorus2018


You can change the view to show a Week, a Month or a List of events. That’s about all you can do though – what you probably want to see are the Herts Chorus dates alongside all the other events in your calendar so that you can avoid any potential clashes etc., and that takes us to the next level…

Method 2: Integrating with your other Calendars

If you have a Google account (for example if you use a GMail email address) and you are logged onto the browser already then you can do this in one quick step: in the bottom-right corner you will see a button to add this calendar to your own on-line calendar. 

If you do not have a Google account, you should be able to add a subscription to the Hertfordshire Chorus Shared Calendar in your preferred Calendar Application.

For example, on the default Calendar app on a Mac select New Calendar Subscription… from the File menu and Paste in https://calendar.google.com/calendar/ical/hertfordshirechorus%40gmail.com/public/basic.ics

(I’d suggest changing the Auto-Refresh setting to Every day)

On Windows, if you are using Outlook there is a similar option. With the Calendar visible, Select Add Calendar then From Internet… and paste in the link from above.

The Calendar application that comes with Windows 10 does not have the ability to add a Calendar Subscription directly so you would need to add it using a Browser view – see Method 4 below.

After adding the calendar make sure that you are unable to edit or delete any of the events individually – that way you can be sure that you are properly subscribed.

Method 3: iPhone/iPad

First of all, if you already use calendars on a computer as well as on your iPhone/iPad then by following the steps above to add the Herts Chorus  Calendar to your computer’s calendar you should see the calendar on your device already, as the two are synced. If you only use a calendar on your iPhone/iPad read on…

On an iPhone/iPad just click the link below; you will be asked if you want
to Subscribe to this calendar. Click Yes. It will then automatically integrate with your iCalendar. 


That’s it! As you know, they tend to make it very easy.

After adding the calendar make sure that you are unable to edit or delete any of the events individually – that way you can be sure that you are properly subscribed.

Method 4: Android Device

As with iPhones/iPads, if you’ve already integrated the Herts Chorus calendar on your computer then you should have the calendar showing on your device already; if not read on…

This does assume that you already have a Google account – it would be difficult not to if you’re using Android!

To add Public Calendar to an Android device you have to first add the Calendar using the web version of Google Calendar – you could do this on a phone, but probably easier to do it on a computer.

So, open Google Calendar on a web browser (it’s https://www.google.com/calendar ) and at the bottom of the left hand side pane, click the Plus sign against other calendars, then select the option From URL:

Now Paste https://calendar.google.com/calendar/ical/hertfordshirechorus%40gmail.com/public/basic.ics into the URL of Calendar field:




This will now have added the Herts Chorus events to your own Google account.

Now on your Phone/tablet:

Go to Settings on the Calendar app on your Android device and you should see Hertfordshire Chorus Schedule as one of the calendars in your account, like this:


You may have to manually set this to sync with the web. Click on the Hertfordshire Chorus Schedule and turn the Sync on:


(You can also change the colour and notification preferences for Herts Chorus events here)

After a short while you should have something like this: