Hertfordshire Chorus at Abbey Road recording Neverlight's Nova Red

Neverlight launched Nova Red on the 23rd June and it sounds fantastic. Amanda Farrell has a powerful rich voice and if you like metal then this should be on your shopping list!

Neverlight describe themselves and Nova Red

“Amanda and Josh Farrell formed Neverlight in 2013 in an effort to share their journey with cancer and perhaps to provide a touchstone for others as they travel their own paths.

Nova Red is a literary rollercoaster ride of dark progressive metal, and it is a distilled culmination of their journey thus far.  Feel the frustration, the anger, the loneliness, and the painful goodbye, the lust, the joy, the temptation and the final triumph”.

Buy the album

Buy the album on iTunes or Amazon here https://www.amazon.com/Nova-Red-Neverlight/dp/B071XDTGGN. Purchasing through Amazon triggers a small fee to Hertfordshire Chorus.